Time to Pay Solutions

BRA is often approached by businesses, which have accrued significant crown arrears in respect of PAYE, NIC and VAT and cannot see light at the end of the tunnel. Agreement of time to pay arrangements with HMRC is often the most pressing problem for a business and is integral to the whole recovery process. BRA prides itself on being able to obtain acceptance by HMRC to time to pay agreements and which provide the time and financial stability to the business necessary to allow the medium to longer term recovery strategy to be implemented.

A comprehensive factsheet detailing the basis of time to pay agreements is below and whilst on the face of it, it is possible to structure these independently of BRA, HMRC's acceptance of repayment proposals can be significantly enhanced by virtue of the support of a professional adviser such as BRA and is critical when combining this with longer term restructuring plans.

Additionally, BRA has also been succesful in seeking the agreement of creditors as a whole in respect of informal repayment plans and which may or may not include HMRC, thus avoiding formal insolvency procedures. The informal arrangements factsheet below will provide you with an understanding of the operation of such plans, the pros and cons and the involvement of BRA in the process.