Assets for Sale

Following our free business review and having reached agreement with our client as to the most effective restructuring strategy, the process may involve the disposal assets that are not core to the business going forward. The assets concerned may simply be surplus to the requirements of the business and can be sold as means of generating cash to be able to implement the agreed longer term strategy for the business. These assets may be specific items of equipment, non core parts/divisions of the business or the entire business should the client be looking for an exit route either before or after the implementation of the agreed strategy.

If you have a particular interest in acquiring a business or assets in a specific industry sector, or are looking for future investments, why not consider the opportunities detailed below. Alternatively, you may express your interest by completing our Contact Form from which you will be automatically added to our database of interested parties. You may of course also contact Warren Sack on 0845 6018814 to discuss your particular requirements.

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